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A tourism information site about Heidelberg, Western Cape, and its surrounding locations, activities, and stunning scenery.

On the banks of the Duivenhoks River lies a plentiful town, Heidelberg.

Wherever you look there are inspirations, books, literature, paintings, landscapes, everything. Just living is an inspirational.Gavin Rossdale

Some say Heidelberg is the start of the Garden Route. Heidelberg is part of the Hessequa Local Municipality and it is a town filled with history and adventure.

The Dutch Reformed Church

In 1855, the town was founded around the Dutch Reformed church, which attracted farmers from as far as Swellendam and Riversdale.

Because of the Heidelberg catechism employed in the church, it was called in honor of the German town of Heidelberg.

Adventure is worthwhile in itself.Amelia Earhart

Surrounding the church are a range of activities, art galleries, antique stores, hiking trails, MTB trails, coffee shops, and more!

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