Heidelberg Town Coat of Arms 
Heidelberg got it's name from the town Heidelberg in Germany as the Heidelberg Catechism was used in the Reformed Church.

In 1974, the mayor of Heidelberg in Germany, sent a letter to Heidelberg in South Africa and offered them the Palatine Lion (Pfälzer Löwe), from Heidelberg Germany to incorporate into the local Coat of Arms.

The Lion represents Heidelberg, Germany.
The green background hows the agricultural aspect of the area.
The golden bible shows the role the church and religion plays in town.
The red background is symbolic of life and energy
The  Aloe is a typical plant of the area and the background represents purity.
The top wall shows civilian authority.
The logo is typical of the religious nature and means  -  Faith and Commitment
The lion was originally part of the family coat of arms of the House of Wittelsbach ( rulers of the Electorate of the Palatinate - a Holy Roman Empire) and is found today on many coats of arms of municipalities, counties and regions in South Germany and the Austrian Innviertel.

In 1156 Conrad of Hohenstaufen, brother of emperor Frederick Barbarossa became count palatine. The old coat of arms of the House of Hohenstaufen, the single lion, became coat of arms of the palatinate
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