The Goliath Davids Legacy Project
by Charlotte :: 4 years ago

The Goliath Davids Legacy Project aims to reduce the impact of poverty , crime and HIV/AIDS on young people in the Hessequa region.  The goal of the project is to establish and host " The Goliath Davids / Hessequa Arts Festival" annually-involving young people (Primary and Secondary schools, drama groups, unemployed youth and substance abusers from all the towns in the area.

Goliath Davids / Drama Festival 2017 host in Heidelberg from the 02 October - 07 October 2017 where of the indigenous plays " Skaakmat #ekiskhoi" presented by Lloyd Davids.

"Geketting" also a play presented by Lloyd Davids was performed.

Ben Dell busy delivering his speech at the Drama Festival Saturday, 07 October 2017 on what arts offers and the positive impact it has on the Youth.  He is one of the biggest sponsorship's towards the Goliath Davids Legacy Project. 


Danny Titus Executive Director: Culture at ATKV also one of the biggest sponsors towards this project in action on stage.  

The Goliath Davids organisation mainly focus on Drama. They are in partnership with schools from different parts of the Western Cape and they successfully produce plays directed operettas and coordinating workshops. The Goliath Davids Art Academy is part of the umbrella organisation it was a first  for many of the learners from the Hessequa region. 

They participated in the following festivals:

  • The Artscape High School Drama Festival They achieved best play, best technical and nominations for best script & best actress. 
  • Montagua Youth Arts Festival - They achieved best production gold plus, Best director gold plus, best actress Calron Pretorius gold plus, An-Mari Ackermann gold and the entire cast gold.

The Goliath Davids / Hessequa Drama Festival 2016 (Heidelberg)

This was their first attempt at hosting the first  Goliath Davids  / Hessequa drama festival. They approached 17 schools in the region and a total of 12 participated and the other schools could not participate  due to lack of fund. 

Goliath Davids Legacy Project 2015

In 2015 the Goliath Davids Legacy Project staged and produced "District six: The musical" (Riversdal) by: David Kramer & Taliep Petersen. The cast comprised of 45 learners from the Hessequa region. 

The "Barrabas Passion" play by: Goliath W. Davids 18/03/1929 - 11/09/2012 was played in Heidelberg also in 2015 where of almost 200 adults from various spheres of society was part of. This production gave impetus to the idea of Mr: Lloyd Davids to create an arts and culture footprint for theatre in the Hessequa area.

2015 Prinses Roselyn: Operreta (Atlantis) was produced through the Goliath Davids Legacy Project  in partnership  with the city of Cape Town  and Kerria Primary school. The cast comprised of 265 learners from the crime ridden Atlantis. The learners was constructive and actively busy with rehearsals during the March and June school Holidays. The play was a tribute to all missing children of the Western Cape where of almost 3000 people brought tickets to witness the event.  

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