by Ben :: 2 months ago
During March 2017, Heidelberg Tourism and Ceres Rail had the opportunity to offer 80 tourists and stream train aficionados the opportunity to travel to Heidelberg and spend two separate nights in town. Heidelberg Tourism and Ceres Rail cleaned the train station, and then an unexpected bonus,  a farmer in the area spent two weeks repairing, painting and cleaning the train station as well.   A lot of the town waiting anxiously for the train to arrive. - What a party! Once the guests arrived, they were of cause treated to typical Heidelberg hospitality - all 80 of them ( and the train crew...
by Ben :: 2 months ago
In 2016, Heidelberg Businessforum, SSK and Starnation Art Studio, partnered to start livening up the town of Heidelberg by painting street murals. Different volunteers partook and today Heidelberg boasts at least 7 street art paintings to liven up the town. What is a town without a cactus? Everybody and anybody are welcome in Heidelberg Local is definitely lekker, and we made sure nobody forgets how lekker it is to live in our town. Heidelberg held the 2016 record for the biggest pumpkin in South Africa. If you want to relax, come camp out at our showground during the annual Agricul...

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